Evode Group’s white label POD offering, Merchmaker, is making it easier than ever for retailers to offer unique, customizable products.

In recent years, print-on-demand has transformed the consumer products industry, presenting both new opportunities and new challenges.

Enter Merchmaker, a print-on-demand solution from Evode Group in the U.K., which has introduced an innovative platform that allows brand owners and retailers to harness the power of print-on-demand, while avoiding the pitfalls.

A little over four years ago, Merchmaker debuted with a print-on-demand model similar to others in the market, wherein product was retailed in their own online storefront. The company’s aim at the time was to disrupt the market by enhancing product quality with better equipment and to build out a model that worked better for licensed brands.

But around the same time, major retailers such as Walmart and Tesco were rolling out their own print-on-demand offerings, making an already tight market even more competitive. Rather than try to compete, Evode pivoted, and decided to white label their platform, along with the network of print-on-demand suppliers and licenses they had gathered, and offer the whole package to other retailers who wanted to launch their own print-on-demand offerings.

Now Merchmaker is a plug-and-play solution for retailers, complete with a web platform that can be integrated seamlessly into existing e-comm sites, a global network of print-on-demand suppliers across every product category imaginable and a slate of licensed brands that spans from sports teams to entertainment franchises.

Merchmaker gives retailers all the benefits of print-on-demand, without the hassle of website development and brand licensing negotiations.

“With this model a retailer can have thousands of products without having to give up any shelf space, and we know right now retailers are very precious about their shelf space.

It means they don’t have to worry about any wastage or committing to upfront stock.”

Charlotte Clisby, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Evode Group