Evode Sports

 Evode specialise in the development of territory-focused merchandise for each key market of a sports club’s fanbase.

Thanks to the expansion of sports broadcasting, along with the growth of social media, every major sports club has a fan base in multiple territories across the world – many of which the club will struggle to reach!

Even if they can reach them, sometimes the logistics of shipping products over long distances is cost-prohibitive for their audience, or the product quality in that territory is not as good in both design and materials. 

Evode work with sports clubs to create specialist collections to target selected groups of fans, be that a country-specific fan base or just a specific audience who are perhaps underserved at the present time.

We use a network of preferred designers and e-commerce experts to set up localised online stores, sell via online platforms, and design collections that have a regional look and feel that appeals to that specific audience.

What We Can Offer: 

  • Full Service product development teams with a compelling track-record in sports, who can source and create products that can be manufactured on-demand.
  • Global network of production centres positioned in over 20+ territories.
  • Performance clothing design and development team for clubs wishing to explore this area with no existing incumbent.
  • Local / native designers, regional e-commerce support, customer services and manufacturing. 
  • Specialist team for producing ethically sourced, climate positive and sustainable product ranges.