Evode Private Label

  • Do you want to build something for the future?

  • Are you anti-merchandise but pro-brand?

  • Evode’s Private Label division is about creating an entire business entity from the ground up.

We offer brands and individuals the chance to create their own fashion label or product line that has the potential to become an independent revenue stream that could have significant longevity if executed correctly. 

Whether its a book series, or brand new fashion label, we have in-house product development teams working closely with our network of category specialists who can create a full strategy all the way from brand concept to product launch. The added benefit being that we specialise in on-demand and small batch manufacturing so that we can get your product to market in simultaneous territories across the globe without taking a huge stock risk. 

What We Can Offer: 

  • Brand Development Services
  • Full service product development team to focus on your core product including ethical sourcing and manufacturing and product design
  • Content, e-commerce and marketing strategy (we do not provide marketing services in terms of advertising spend, but we can create a strong PR plan to leverage your existing audience)