Evode Merchmaker

Evode Merchmaker – The original division of our company. 

We have worked with over 30 of the world’s best known entertainment and sports brands. Evode continues to provide a leading service for any brand wishing to operate a zero-inventory merchandise business model. 

In simple terms, our Merchmaker process works in a simple 3 steps: 

  1. Creative Design – we take your existing assets and generate new design concepts or moment-driven template designs 
  2. Product Development – we select your appropriate base products from a bank of over 2,000 products that can be manufactured on-demand via our global network
  3. Storefront Development  – in record time, we build your storefront with your brand style-guide and connect the products and the supply chain to the back-end of the store

 With the above complete, we can launch a store in under 10 days (subject to approvals). Offering you the chance to reach over 2 billion people with stunning new products, regional shipping and manufacturing on demand. 

What We Can Offer: 

  • Design and product development 
  • Regional e-commerce and storefront set up (Shopify / Magento / WooCommerce) 
  • Localised customer service
  • Multi-territory supply chain management for print-on-demand or small batch manufacturing 
  • Full reporting and data analysis
  • Formulation of product launch and marketing strategy