Evode Influencers

  • Do you have millions of fans across the globe?

  • Is there a product that would resonate with your fans that you would like to create or promote?

  • Are you experiencing logistics problems with storing a shipping to all corners of the planet, or unable to reach a percentage of your fan base?

  • If the statements above resonate with you, then Evode may be able to help.


We, like you, understand that fans do not want to be bombarded with too much product and over-commercialisation. Especially when the products have no meaning and are just for “the sake of merchandise”

The best product campaigns across the world have come from influencers who have a compelling story behind the product they promote.

Our most successful campaigns have come from influencers who create a strong desire for that product with the relevant audience, and promote only high quality products that are less likely to generate negative feedback.

Our influencer division has experience with dealing with YouTubers and Instagramers with millions of fans, and billions of views worldwide. We’ve created everything from nightwear to fashion clothing ranges, through to personalised journal covers and birthday chocolate countdown calendars!

At Evode we believe it’s not all about t-shirts and phone cases, it’s about the audience, the influencer and joining the dots with what product makes sense. 

What We Can Offer: 

  • Full service fashion design team who can create sustainable fashion collections using organic and ethically sourced fabrics. 
  • Global product development team who can source products across 20+ categories that can be manufactured on-demand
  • Distribution methods that use a smaller carbon footprint when shipping to fans in all markets. 
  • Publishing division – we can produce books that will offer you a higher percentage of the profit than a typical publisher or Amazon.
  • Our book division also offers carbon offsetting and climate positive schemes (meaning when we print your books for sale, we also plant trees at the same time!)