Pesence – Evode has strong presence in Europe with multiple on-demand manufacturing centres across the UK, in France, Spain and across Eastern Europe.


Product Capabilities – We can offer the full suite of products in Europe, ranging from – merchandise apparel, fashion apparel, fashion accessories, electronic accessories, plastic-alternative products, drink-ware, homeware, home decor, wall art, memorabilia, branded food and beverage, full service publishing (books, magazines, comics etc.) luggage, bags and rucksacks, back-to-school, promotional products.


Shipping Capabilities – We have fast and low cost shipping across the European continent.


Technology Capabilities – Full e-commerce and store front development services within our London team (Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce available). Full continental-wide linguistic service.


Ceative Capabilities – Full creative studio with product, brand and fashion design services.