Natasha Kaur - Head of Product Development

• Head of Product Development with over 8 years experience.

• Has worked with a myriad of global entertainment and luxury brands.

• Having worked for both licensors and licensees, she knows both sides of the business.

Natasha is an innovative product development manager with over 8 years of experience in licensing and product development.

Working in Product Management at TCC Global and earlier a Licensing Project Manager at Smiley, she worked with some iconic global entertainment brands including Warner Bros, Disney and Playboy, as well as luxury brands such as BMW, Givenchy and Moschino.

These developed her appreciation for many sectors within the industry and an understanding of the buying habits of different audiences. Having worked for licensors and licensees she knows both sides of the business. This makes her well placed to discern the requirements of licensors, as well as what works best for the consumer market.

When not immersed in licenses, Natasha considers herself to be an F1 petrol head. She is an annual attendee of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and not above a selfie with Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team.


Natasha Kaur Profile

Likes: French and Italian fashion, fine dining, art, keeping fit, Thor

Dislikes: Sushi, legs day, croc shoes and narcissism

Influences: Christian Louboutin, Rhonda Byrne, Malala Yousafzai, her mum